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Finish Rich

September 29th, 2007 at 02:41 am

I've read several personal finance books. I like David Bach's recommendation to save at least 12% of income and paying yourself first. He breaks down how much you need to save to retire at a certain level of prosperity. I plan to save no less than 20% of my income to retire wealthy.

My increase to my 457(b) went through but my decrease to my 403(b) did not, so I saw a little less in my paycheck this week than usual. That's okay. This allows my contributions to reach a certain goal level.

Charitable Causes

September 17th, 2007 at 07:36 pm

I've had issues with this particular non-profit group that keeps calling. I think they're called Non-Profit services and apparently several groups contract through them. They have been an incredible nuisance. I don't like being called for charitable donations and I don't like what almost feels like harassment from this particular group. When I offer a certain amount they tell me that I can't offer that little and to send more. Are you serious? If you're asking for donations you accept whatever you get. A minimum donation? Whoever heard of such? Their mailings can't possibly cost them more than $10. If so they need to change agencies.

So today the man hung up on me when I asked him to take me off their calling list. Now I don't feel at all guilty about my impressions of this group. They really are hurting whatever causes they are representing.

I will continue supporting Christian Children's Fund and my veterans groups. My passion truly lies with these two groups. I also am beginning to support my local food bank. It's amazing, but for every $1 donated they get $12 worth of food.

Streamlining retirement

September 16th, 2007 at 03:28 am

I've decided to stop contributing to my 403(b) and just contribute to my 457(b). It's nothing that ING did, but I just decided that it's better to streamline things. I think I have better expense ratios with my 457(b) as well. I hope that they allow me to do a direct rollover to my 457(b) even though I'm still employed.

Student Loans and Taxes

September 1st, 2007 at 08:15 pm

With the year 2/3 over I'm trying to get an idea of my tax situation for the year. A lot of it depends of whether my second installment of tuition of $4,500 can be paid this year instead of next. If it comes this year I'll meet the $10,000 Lifetime Education credit, if it goes through next year I'll exceed the limits and thus miss out on some of the tax benefits. I'll have to speak to our Financial Aid Coordinator to see what the situation is.

What I understood is that the payments would post as my financial aid comes in, but it looks like they're putting us on the same 4-payment schedule as those that will pay as they go. The next payment would be due January 5th if so. I'm going to ask her to post that payment in December instead. I've already taken out the loans so I'm already paying interest. Might as well have it paid on my tuition when it could help me financially, rather than next year.