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Second Vaccine Dose

January 11th, 2021 at 03:31 pm

I got my second COVID-19 dose on Saturday. I felt fine all day, but still spent most of the day at home. Sunday I woke up in that "sick fog". I was scheduled to work 6-6 so I went in knowing that I wasn't truly coming down with anything, but that the vaccine was just doing its job. It was a struggle for the first half of the shift, but I made it through. I was in bed by 7 & woke up feeling fine today. So besides that & pain at the injection site, that was the worst of my symptoms. My body feeling like it was fighting something let's me know that the vaccine is working. In about 2 weeks my body will have developed the full response it takes to fight the virus. I wasn't very happy with the situation at the vaccine clinic the second time. It was much busier, impossible to socially distance. I understand, however, that we really need to increase the number of people that we are vaccinating tog et out of this pandemic situation.

I had an EBay sale yesterday. The seller accepted my counter offer so that's my first sale for 2021! I will mail it off on my lunch break or after work. I'm always happy to make a sale no matter how small.