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2010 W-2

January 8th, 2011 at 06:48 pm

The federal government wants to be sure we pay our taxes on time! Already got my W-2 online this week. I got my retention pay that was shorted on the last paycheck of 2010. I also got my first student loan payment. They put it on my check for tax purposes, but it gets sent directly to Sallie Mae. So now I'm just waiting on my other W-2 from the state. I also need interest forms for my student loan and mortgage, as well as year end contributions from my charities.

CFC (the Combined Federal Campaign for federal employees) is easy as the same amount gets taken out each week on my paycheck and I pledge a certain amount for the year.

ChildFund (aka Christian Children's Fund) takes out a different amount every month depending on whether it's a month that I pledge an additional gift to be given directly to my sponsored child. Usually it's just the $24 sponsorship, but some months they deduct additional as I give gifts for Easter, her birthday, and Christmas, and they then add a gift handling fee on top of that.

I've considered ending my sponsorship with Child's Fund and just giving to CFC. It's hard to do that when you have a child to connect with your giving. You know that child's name, you see her face, you know all about her family.

I'm adding up the gifts that I remembered to track for the year and I'm up to $1,500 so far. I don't mind giving to family and friends and charity. It's a pleasure.

LSU won last night. I fell asleep watching the game. I guess I knew they were going to win at that point. Really proud of Jordan Jefferson's performance last night. I hate all the criticism he gets.

Today the Saints play the Seahawks. I'm worried. They have a lot of players not listed. Seahawks aren't a strong team, but any team can beat any team on any given Sunday, or Saturday in this case.

Starting my fasting on January 10th. I hope that I'm ready for this! I will need a lot of prayer.

Happy 2011!

January 2nd, 2011 at 05:00 am

Happy New Year! Yesterday and today I reviewed much of my year end finances and made some changes for 2011. Yesterday I updated my spread sheets for my 2011 earnings and savings. Today I made my 2011 deposit to my Roth IRA. My deposit should be processed January 4th. I also changed my exemption from 1 to 0 at my full-time job. Last year I changed my exemption from 1 to 0 at my part-time job. Hopefully next year I will not owe taxes as I did last year and I project I will this year again.