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Health insurance

November 26th, 2022 at 05:32 pm

So I mentioned that I was planning to move to a health insurance that I could invest in an HSA. Well as I started to research my options they indicated that if you use your plan on average that you should stick with my current standard plan, while low use was recommended for the HSA plan. So now I'm torn. I probably should have chosen the HSA plan when I was younger, healthier, and rarely went to the doctor. Now I'm almost 45 and diabetic. Granted my diabetes is well-controlled now with the help of medication & exercise, but I wonder if it's better to just stick with what I have. Decisions, decisions. 


Moved my Emergency Funds

November 24th, 2022 at 09:52 pm

Last week I ended up moving my emergency funds for 2 reasons:


1) My credit union no longer allowed Mint to sync with their instiution.

2) I found a better rate through information shared on the forums.

I suppose I could have put the funds in a CD, but I feel like I wanted them to be a little more liquid. Of course, I often change my mind so that's subject to change.

Open Season

November 20th, 2022 at 09:13 am

This year I am again thinking of making the switch to a health insurance plan that is eligible for an HSA. I may also opt back into a vision plan as I am contemplating getting LASIK again. I really don't care for wearing glasses. The contribution limit for a single person is $3,850. It's another great vehicle to save for retirement as well as medical expenses.

More Collections Drama

November 19th, 2022 at 01:57 pm

Sunrise Credit emailed me that they had no debts on their books with me. Experian and Transunion removed the negative account on their credit reports almost immediately. For some reason Equifax is dragging their heels. But while I was home recovering Monday I got a new call from another collection agency, Franklin Services! I'm so aggravated. Now I'm walking through the process with them of disputing this debt. It has not yet been reported to the credit reporting agencies so that's good.

I'm glad that I still have my paper statements from this time period. If it had not been for that how do you fight something that you thought was resolved over a year ago?! Everyone is going to paperless which I know is good for our environment & reduces fraud by mail.

I will never ever use DirectTV's services again & I'm looking forward to moving my cell phone services from AT&T. I spent over an hour on the phone with AT&at and DirectTV Monday only to get disconnected, transferred around, and hear multiple versions of my account history. I know that I could just pay the $112, but I refuse to at this time. I know that I canceled their services & this is an error on their part. 

Sunrise Credit

November 12th, 2022 at 07:16 pm

I have never in my life been collections, but on November 6th Sunrise Credit reported me as in collections due to owing $112 to AT&T U-Verse DirectTV. Thursday I got the alert from Mint. I remember that I disputed a bill over a year ago and after discussions with the company they agreed to dismiss the debt and they even sent me a Visa card for $91 my trouble.

Recently collectors called & I explained that we settled the issue. They kept calling even after I explained the situation so I started blocking & hanging up on them. Then I got an alert that I had a collections account opened up. I immediately filed a dispute with Experian, Equifax, and Transunion. Experian & Transunion have already deleted the collections from my report.

I also emailed the company directly & they said that they don't have a collections against me on their books & I should contact AT&T. But it was Sunrise Credit that reported the debt so I didn't understand that response. I responded why then was I just reported as being in collections by Sunrise Credit? They didn't respond. I also complained that they didn't send me a Notice of Debt which has been the law since November 2021.

It looks like this will be fairly easy to resolve so far. It also makes my decision to leave AT&T, my cell phone provider for approximately 2 decades, easier. I've been wanting to move to Verizon as they seem to provide better coverage post-hurricanes, but I due to loyalty & a federal employee discount I had been reluctant to leave AT&T. No discount however is worth seeing my nearly perfect credit card drop by over 100 points in a day.

In other bad news, I tested positive for Covid-19 yesterday. I'm already feeling better, thankfully. I had spent Thursday night with my parents' and when I woke up feeling awful at 4 am I took one of their home tests. My first symptoms were actually sneezing, which had me thinking of allergies. I had slightly itchy, watery eyes. Then Thursday morning my nose started running, then by that night I was coughing. I went to bed then woke up with chills and feeling very unwell, which prompted my taking the test. I'm still recovering at my parents' home. I wanted to go home to isolate, but they didn't want me to be alone. Last summer we lost my cousin that was younger than me by 2 years due to Covid-19 & I think it made me parents more anxious.

I'm doing much better & will head to my apartment tomorrow for the rest of my recovery period.


Net Worth October 2022 & FIRE 🔥

November 6th, 2022 at 08:46 pm

I gained $83,955 over September's net work to finish the month at $1,129,958. $22,000 of that was cash while the rest is investments. 

Pardon me, if I already posted about this. I've thought of it often but can't recall if I ever did. My former co-worker FIRED! By that, I mean she & husband retired early. She was my first lead tech when I got out of school at 22. She was about 5 years older & pregnant at the time. She never spoke much about money, but I recall her mentioning that she & her husband were paying off their home early. I never knew anyone so young talking about paying off a home. Fast forward 22 years later and she has officially retired! They were both state workers so retired with a pension. Their boys are both in college I believe. I wouldn't be surprised if they both had scholarships. She has been posting pictures of their travels on Facebook since they retired. They seem to go non-stop. I'm so excited to know someone who actually FIRED in real life. It's so inspiring.