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Fully Funded Roth IRA

September 20th, 2008 at 06:46 pm

My Roth IRA usually isn't fully funded until my last automatic contribution in December. But I decided to take advantage of the low prices during this week and go ahead and fund my Roth for the year. It's nice to have that done.

I found out that my agency will pay us an additional $300 each day worked for the week of Hurricane Gustav. Monday was Labor Day, but I worked Tuesday-Friday and so will get paid an additional $1200 on my next paycheck.

Additionally, my insurance company paid me $400 for the food that I lost from losing power for the week. That's below my homeowners' insurance deductible. I love my insurance company.

I'm a happy lady.

I tried to get my inspection done for my car, but the place that I frequent ran out of stickers. In fact, the guy ahead of me got the last one. Bad luck. No worries. I can go back later today or tomorrow.

Surviving Gustav

September 9th, 2008 at 01:47 am

Well, we made it through Hurricane Gustav. My home suffered minimal damage. My parents' home had a tree fall on it, but they and my younger sister were luckily unhurt. That's what matters the most. I got all my utilitie: phone, cable and power, back Friday night. My parents got power back Saturday night and the rest today. Oh, the joy of hot showers and baths. I'll never take that luxury for granted again.

My city got hit hard. Tuesday morning, since I'm considered essential personnel, I had to go into work. It looked like a war zone. Truly, it was something out of a movie. Trees on homes everywhere I looked, power lines down in the streets. We had a 8pm-6am curfew. Grocery stores are still mostly bare. Gas station lines wrapped around blocks. I lost a freezer full of expensive Jenny Craig food. My freezer and refrigerator are bare.

I never want to deal with anything like this again. Hopefully, Hurricane Ike will spare us this week.