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January 30th, 2021 at 04:05 am

They sent my grandfather to a hospice home rather send him home with a hospice nurse, which is better for all involved. My mom went today to pay for his funeral. It was better to do it now, rather than wait. Even if he makes a complete turnaround, that's one less thing for my mom to have to contend with when he does eventually pass.

I ran my numbers through the H&R Block tax calculator. It says I'll owe $1355. Not bad. I'm glad that I had them withhold an extra $100 per paycheck at my third job. It really softened the blow.

I now owe less than $1k on my credit cards & I consider them paid off! My balance will never be $0, so keeping the recurring balance under $1k will be my goal from now on.   

I'm so glad that after temps in the 70's last week, it feels like winter again. A very mild winter, but winter nonetheless.

3 Responses to “Hospice”

  1. Carol Says:

    I am sorry for your family going through this hard time with your grandfather. Hospice was very helpful at the end of my mom's life. I have ended up with sweet memories...which feels good. I can only wish the same for you and your mom.

  2. CB in the City Says:

    I am so sorry you are dealing with your grandfather's last days. I agree that a hospice home is a better solution than a hospice nurse at home.

  3. Wink Says:

    I am sorry for this difficult time with your grandfather. He will be well cared for in hospice. Take care.

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