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Future Goals

April 6th, 2021 at 09:53 pm

I have pre-populated my budget worksheet for the month & I believe that I will be able to send an income surplus of $3,000 to my savings. At this rate I will exceed what I had planned to save in 2021. This has me thinking about what I can do with that money once I fully fund my emergency savings. I will have other expenses: purchasing my next car hopefully later rather than sooner, and other home projects.

I am really thinking about paying off my home early. I get so inspired listening to the Dave Ramsey show. Seeing so many people even younger than myself having paid off their homes is so inspiring. Especially when many own homes worth far more than mine. My condo would be paid off by the time I retire, but paying it off sooner is even better. It's definitely something to consider.

4 Responses to “Future Goals”

  1. Wink Says:

    I have zero regrets paying my home off early, before I retired. The peace of mind, for me, was immeasurable.

  2. terri77 Says:

    Thanks for the input, Wink! It definitely inspires me to do the same.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    We paid off our home early and it made a difference for us to have that extra money to invest. We refused to spend it, just put it in the bank for a number of years like we were still making a mortgage payment. Our goal was to get the house paid off before DH retired and we did that a few years before and it was a very freeing feeling.

  4. terri77 Says:

    Y’all are really making me excited about this next goal! I had a mortgage payment yesterday & with my next payment I’ll be under $53k. I can do this!

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