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Always Get a Receipt!

January 14th, 2023 at 03:23 pm

So I did something silly & broke my own rule of always getting a receipt. I was running errrands & shopping the day I was to pick up my sister from the airport, December 21st. I dropped off a package at FedEx which contained two pairs of Clark's shoes for returns. I briefly thought it might be better to wait until after the Christmas rush, but I just wanted all packages out of my apartment. I had already dropped off 2 other packages.

When I dropped off the package at FedEx, she scanned it in, then said okay. I hesitated thinking I should ask for a receipt since one wasn't offered, but ultimately didn't. Fast forward over 2 weeks later & I realized that I never saw the return processed. Of course when I contacted Clark's: please provide the tracking number. I printed the tracking number from their website as they offer free returns.

After a few replies with no responses I figured I earned my lesson by having to take a loss, then yesterday the return finally posted. 22 days later! Not sure if they actually received the shoes or they just got tired of my emails and decided to give me the credit anyway, but I'm grateful. I'll never be in too much of a rush to ask for a receipt again. 

In other news, I saw that the Kate Spade purse that I really wanted was on sale & in the color I wanted: black! Everyone needs a basic black purse, right? I was able to purchase 2 purses in their fashion colors last month, but they were sold out of black and brown. So glad that they got the black back in stock.

Yes, I know I needed to stay away from that website, yet I'm always browsing. I kind of regret giving my niece the Kate Spade wallet for Christmas. She didn't care for the pink color. Apparently pink is too girly a color for our future soccer star. Noted, but I would have happily kept it for myself.


3 Responses to “Always Get a Receipt!”

  1. Carol B. Says:

    Why don't you get your niece the color wallet she'd like and trade with her especially if there's a sale!

  2. latestart Says:

    I need to remember to look at the receipt. Went to a fast food place on Thursday and they charged me for something other than what I ordered. It was much higher. Lesson learned.

  3. terri77 Says:

    Carol, my niece said that she would trade wallets with her mom. We’ll see how that goes. I noticed when she was here that she doesn’t carry a purse while I never went anywhere without a purse at that age! Oh well, I guess her mom can just have both wallets.

    I bought the wallet in the four colors available: black, dark green, a floral print, and pink. Originally I was going to keep one and give the other 3 to my sisters & mom, but decided to give my niece one. They are no longer available on the website. They probably sold out completely. My older sister (her mom) got black which she said that she always buys black because it goes with everything. My mom got the green and my younger sister got the floral print.

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