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Stock Market Surges

August 18th, 2013 at 09:42 am

The stock market has had some record setting highs this year. More than any other year I believe I read. I'm always happy to see my investments increase.

I'm managing on one job just fine & enjoying all the free time. I've started working out 5 days a week & started back training by jogging. I can't wait to see my progress. One thing about running, you can really see the improvements early on & they keep on coming.

My employer is officially no longer paying on my student loan. I believe the money was misappropriated/lost. I've always made the payments & will continue to do so. This repayment plan was just extra. I'm sorry to no longer have it, but prepared to pay it myself regardless.

2 Responses to “Stock Market Surges”

  1. Wino Says:

    I do NOT want to sound like a downer, but remember that it is very likely - nay, almost a certainty - that the stock market will go down again by a significant percentage in the next few years. It may go down 20% next month, even. So, even though you see gains now, don't "count those chickens." That's just an indicator.

    The way I ride through the dips is I think about how much more I'm getting for my monthly investments, rather than how small my balance is compared to last month or last year. The market is not a ladder. It's more like a hike up a hill. Sometimes you go up, sometimes you go down, and sometimes you have to change directions, but in the end, you most likely will find yourself somewhere higher than you were when you started.

  2. terri77 Says:

    No, you don't sound like a downer at all. History tells us that the stock market operates in cycles. I'm not new to the game; I've been investing 15 years now. My strategy never strays much. I am a committed investor. I like to celebrate the up cycles. They are a welcome relief from the down cycles, & it is exciting to watch your balances grow over time.

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