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Can’t Post Comments Again!

March 12th, 2021 at 05:34 pm

Getting the same error message this morning when I try to comment on blogs.

It's a non-payday Friday. My expenses seem so much lower now that I've paid off my debt. Now I only look forward to paydays because of my TSP contributions.

Did any of you listen to Chris Hogan from the Dave Ramsey show? He left the group this week. Someone had posted a blog from his ex-wife in a group a couple of months ago so I had a little clue that something was amiss. I never expected him to leave, though. I really enjoyed listening to his show. I play their recorded shows on YouTube while working. I hope Chris Hogan lands somewhere else so I can continue to follow him.

Mint has my one year gains as $430,699 so I know it must have been around this time a year ago that the market tanked. My year end 2020 gain was less than half that when everything recovered.

Net Worth: $1,201,959


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